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Talent view

A kinder view of talent, enterprise

People are the most valuable resources, high-quality talent is an important asset of the company.

Two, Kim enterprise talent "selection activities" principle:

1, we need to be selected: loyalty, enterprising, innovative learning, professional confidenceof talent.

2, use: at that time, when the position, when the long, when it is willing to.

3, education: work and education combined, for the compound management talents, the company adopts wide caliber training mode; for business, management professionals,emphasis on training in the business line and be both red and expert, depth of linemanagement. The training is the best welfare for the staff, is the hope project of enterprises.

4, leave: cause to keep people, keep people emotionally, pay, opportunities to keep people,keep people culture.

Three, Kim enterprise occupation career principle:

In the establishment of the goal of enterprise development at the same time, according to thekey positions of company employee growth design lifelong goals, for employees to create a self design, self display platform, and according to the characteristics of individual personality,temperament, ability, interest, values, making a career development plan for employees,continue to develop the potential of employees.

Four, Kim enterprise talent principle

Firmly establish "people-oriented" concept, vigorously to create respect knowledge, respecttalent atmosphere, improve the personnel of treatment, outstanding contribution to the implementation of rewards.

Dalian reach-all Kim Logistics Group Co. Ltd. warmly welcome you to join us, and seek common development!


1, the company headquarters is located in Dalian Dayaowan economic development zone.

2, we provide the shuttle bus, dormitory, canteen.

3, the company attaches great importance to enrich cultural life of staffs, the company has a library, table tennis facilities, billiard facilities and outdoor basketball field, convenient staffoften carry out learning, training, cultural and recreational activities.

4, we fully respect each candidate: carefully read the application materials, carefully organizethe interview.

5, the candidates are not refundable deposit, Kim human resource base, we promise not todisclose, do not make him use.

We promise, we will have professionals first time to see your resume, and will promptlyarrange your interview, please send your resume to, do not repeat the delivery, thank you!