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Contact information
Business address: Dalian bonded warehouse, Hai Qing road 84-07
Mailing address: Zhongshan District, Dalian Dandong street, No. 55 2 unit 401 g-tek Garden
Zip code: 116001
Freight forwarders
Freight forwarders:
Telephone: (0411) 87519397
Contact: plum manager
Chartering and booking
Chartering and booking:
Telephone: 15998680777
Contact: manager Yang
Container fleet
Container fleet
Telephone: (0411) 87519322
Contact: Manager Zhang
Container yard
Container yard:
Telephone: (0411) 87519398
Contact: manager Sun
Large transport project depart
Large transport project department:
Telephone: (0411) 87519359, 87519351
Contact: week manager
International project logistic
International project logistics:
Telephone: (0411) 87519380
Contact: Liu manager
Harbin Office
Harbin Office
Telephone: (0451) 51802550
Mobile phone: 13303601399
Contact: Dong Manager
Tianjin Office
Tianjin Office
Telephone: (0411) 87519351
Mobile: 13998621335
Contact: hole Manager
Fulaerji Office
Fulaerji Office
Mobile phone: 15174577778
Contact: Manager Zhang
Beijing Office
Beijing Office
Mobile phone: 13901398408
Contact: Coke
Telephone: (0411) 87519311