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Sales Hotline: 0411-87519380
Company address: Dalian warehousing storage area free trade zone, South Road 84-07 Hai Qing
Enterprise culture

The company has stand on one's own office building, modern office equipment and equipped,to staff to create a bright and spacious comfortable office environment. In life, but also to solve any menace from the "rear" for employees, provide dormitory and cafeteria staff,ensure the comfort and safety of dining rest. For the staff of amateur life, to create a healthycultural atmosphere, the company is equipped with the multi-purpose training room, trainingactivities are held regularly; a table tennis table, billiard table and basketball field, regularly organize entertainment game; according to the characteristics of the season, mountain climbing, hiking, sea and other organizations in all kinds of activities, enrich the cultural life at the same time, achieve physical fitness function.

We firmly believe that "Kim" represents not only the name of a company, it is a brand that,Kim enterprises uphold the people-oriented belief, "honesty is gold, inheritance to Germany Societe Generale" concept to every Jin De.